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Book available from Amazon
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12 Garment Bag Patterns
And of course, one of the benefits of storing your clothing in a fabric bag rather
than a in plastic dry-cleaning bag is that a fabric bag won't trap moisture, which
allows your clothing to breath, which can be especially important for delicate fabrics
and heirloom items.

A garment bag can also serve as great protection when transporting clothing to
and from special events. Consider making a bag that folds up for convenience.

And because of its simple shape, a garment bag can be super easy to sew (there
are even a couple of tutorials that don't require the installation of a zipper). And
making your own garment bag means you can customize the bag to
accommodate the length of your clothing – perhaps shorter for children's clothing
and longer for adult clothing. And if you want to increase the sturdiness of your
bag, add a lining to it. And for added protection, consider using a quilted fabric
for your bag (or quilt your own fabric).
Sew your own fabric garment bags with this collection of twelve garment bag
patterns and tutorials gathered from all over the web.
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