Free Misc. Clothing Patterns
A collection of the best free Clothing Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: To help prevent unexpected thread breaks when sewing, inspect your needle plate occasionally by
removing it from your sewing machine and feeling around the edges of the needle hole. Gently sand away any
burrs or nicks you find.

Tip #2: When applying interfacing (either fusible or non-fusible) to your garment piece, feel free to apply more
than one layer to get the degree of stiffness, body, and support you want.

Tip #3: Tips for choosing a Lining: A lining fabric can change the way your fashion fabric drapes in your finished
garment. Therefore, don’t choose a lining based solely on its looks. Actually drape the lining fabric over your hand
together with your fashion fabric to make sure you like the look and feel of the two layers together. And if you’re
making an item with a lining, make sure the care requirements for the lining are the same as for your fashion
fabric. In other words, you wouldn’t want to buy a fabric that’s washable and a lining that must be dry-cleaned
(unless you plan to have your finished item dry-cleaned).
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