Vest Patterns - 10 designs
A collection of the best free Vest Patterns & Tutorials on the web
Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: When sewing knit fabrics, use 100% polyester thread, cotton-wrapped polyester thread, or silk thread.
These threads have a degree of stretch to them and will therefore stretch some with your knit fabrics. Don't use
100% cotton thread which has very little stretch to it.

Tip #2: When purchasing print fabric, notice how often the pattern repeats. For fabrics with longer “repeats,” be
sure to purchase extra yardage to allow for positioning of your pattern pieces and matching along the seamlines.

Tip #3: If you've ended up with a garment with plaids or stripes that don’t quite match up along the seam lines
of your garment, to camouflage the mismatches, try this fix: Cover the seam with a band of contrasting fabric,
ribbon, or bias tape. This will make the mismatch much less noticeable and add a nice design element to your
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