Halloween Treat Bag Ideas
A collection of some of the best free Halloween Treat Bag Patterns & Tutorials on the web
Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: When sewing a dart, don’t backstitch to secure the thread ends, which can cause your fabric to pucker.
Instead, start stitching at the top of the dart, continue to sew right off your fabric without backstitching, then
tie off and knot the loose thread ends.

Tip #2: Some fabrics, particularly natural fibers, can shrink just from the heat and moisture of an iron.
Therefore, it’s important to preshrink some dry-clean only fabrics too (with your iron), even though you won’t be
laundering them.

Tip #3:
Storing Fusible Interfacing: If possible, store fusible interfacing rolled instead of folded. Storing
your fusible interfacing folded can cause creases you won’t be able to press out later without melting the

Tip #4: Try a Non-fusible Interfacing: Fusible interfacings are fast and easy to use but they also tend to stiffen
fabric, producing a look and feel you may not want. So consider using a non-fusible interfacing sometimes. Non-
fusible interfacing can be a bit more time consuming to apply, but it
will be worth it to get the softer feel you'll sometimes want for your garment piece.
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