You’ve probably noticed that your pattern pieces have all these marks and symbols on them. These symbols
indicate things such as where to place pockets and buttonholes, where to sew a line of stitching, or where to
match fabric pieces.

Therefore, it's important to transfer these marks and symbols to your fabric pieces before you start to sew. This
can be done with special fabric chalks or pens, fabric transfer paper, needle and thread, or even a bar of soap.

Don’t unpin your pattern pieces from your fabric until you’ve transferred these marks to your fabric.

For detailed marking instructions and methods, see
How to Mark Fabric.

Also, if it’s hard to tell which is the right side of your fabric, mark either the right or wrong side of each fabric
piece with a bit of low-tack tape. This way, you won’t accidentally reverse a fabric piece and end up with “two left
sides” to your item.
Learn to Sew Lesson #8: Mark Your Fabric Pieces
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