The raw edge of the seam allowance is encased, then topstitched on the outside.

Suitable For

    Most fabrics. Items that need durable seams.


    Makes a neat, clean finish. Raw edges will not ravel because they are completely encased. Makes a very
    sturdy seam.


    Requires precise pressing and sewing. Somewhat time consuming. Makes a topstitched seam on the
    outside you may not want.

How to Make

    Place your fabric pieces wrong sides together and stitch. Press the seam allowances open. Press the edge of
    one side of the seam allowance under 1/4”. Trim the other side of the seam allowance to 1/4”. Fold the
    folded seam allowance over the trimmed seam allowance. Press. Stitch along the edge of the folded seam

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