A finish similar to a bound edge, but with less bulk in the seam allowance.

Suitable For

    Most fabrics, especially heavier fabrics. Items that will have visible seams.


    Produces a neat, clean finish. Raw edges will not ravel because they are completely encased. Produces less
    bulk than a bound edge.


    Adds some bulk to the seam allowance. Somewhat time consuming. A little complex to make. Leaves a raw
    edge at the back of the seam allowance.

How to Make

    Use ready-made bias tape and press it open or make your own 1½” wide bias tape.

    With right sides together, place the bias tape on top of one side of the seam allowance and stitch 1/4” from
    the edge. Press the bias tape away from the seam allowance. Turn the bias tape over to the other side of
    the seam allowance and press. Stitch on the top side of the seam allowance (not the bias tape) very close
    to the fold line (“stitch in the ditch”), catching the bottom side of the bias tape. Trim away any excess bias
    tape on the underside of the seam allowance. Press.

    Note: Remember to preshrink your bias tape and check it for colorfastness.

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