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50+ Free Star Quilt Block Patterns
So, star quilts require you to work with bias edges, which can be tricky to sew
because of their tendency to stretch. And if your fabric pieces stretch, it can throw
off your design and your blocks may not fit together properly. So here are some
tips for working with bias edges: Consider treating your fabric with spray starch
before cutting to help stabilize it. And handle your cut fabric pieces as little as
possible. And when pressing your fabric pieces or finished blocks, use an up and
down motion with your iron instead of a side to side motion, which can cause your
fabric to stretch.

And because of these stretchy bias edges, a star quilt may not be the best project
for someone new to quilting. A design consisting of simple square or rectangular
pieces may be a better choice. However, if you have your heart set on a star quilt
as a first project, consider choosing a design with larger fabric pieces. That way, if
your seam allowances are a bit off, it will be less noticeable in your finished quilt.

To help produce more accurate quilt blocks, press your fabric before cutting, of
course, and work to sew an accurate quarter inch seam (there are lots of tips and
tutorials online that can help you do this). Also, use strip piecing where possible to
produce more uniform fabric pieces, pin generously where your seams intersect,
and don't be afraid to rip out a misaligned seam and resew it. Also, cut and sew
your quilt block slightly larger than necessary, then trim the edges of the block after
it's been pieced so that your blocks will be completely uniform.
1904 Star
Jinny Beyer
Star Block
Make a multi-star quilt with this collection of over fifty free star quilt block patterns
and tutorials gathered from all over the web! Browse a variety of traditional and
modern designs, with both simple and more intricate layouts.
Star Block #7
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