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30+ Denim Bag & Purse Patterns
And because denim is such a thick fabric, sewing with it can be a bit tricky.
Therefore, here are some tips for working with denim that you may find helpful:
Make sure to use sharp scissors when cutting your denim to prevent hand fatigue.
And if your denim is extra thick, you may want to cut it in a single layer instead of
doubling the fabric. Use a brand new, heavy duty, denim needle in your sewing
machine which will be able to pierce the layers of the thick denim easily and without
breaking. And you may want to use a longer stitch length. For sewing over extra
bulky seams, you may want to use a “hump jumper” or “jean-a-ma-jig” to make the
task easier. And because denim frays easily, finish your seams by either zigzagging
or serging the raw edges, or encasing the raw edges within a flat-felled seam. And
trim your seam allowances (and clip curves and corners) to cut down on bulk. Also,
to reduce bulk, press your seam allowances open when possible. And when you do
press your denim fabric, use a high heat setting and lots of steam.

And since denim is so thick, and working with any thick fabric can be challenging, it
may not be the best fabric for a beginner to try to sew.
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Put your old jeans to good use with this collection of over thirty free denim bag and
purse patterns, tutorials, and diy sewing projects gathered from all over the web!

Sew a bag or purse from denim when you need a sturdy, durable, casual bag that
will stand up to lots of use and abuse.
And not only will sewing a bag from old jeans
save you from the need to purchase new fabric, the old denim will be softer and
nicely broken in. Plus, you'll be able to feel good about your old jeans not taking up
space in a landfill.
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