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40+ Free Wine Bag Patterns

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Sew wine bags with this collection of over forty free wine bag patterns & tutorials gathered from all over the web.


And if you happen to be new to sewing, a wine bag can make a great first project because it usually consists of straight seams and simple shapes.

And a wine bag is not only an adorable or elegant way to present a gift of wine to your hostess, but a wine bag that's quilted can also serve as protection (and even insulation) for your wine bottle as it's being transported. And if you give your wine bag a handle, it becomes a convenient tote. Plus, a wine bag that's reusable can be a great hostess gift in itself.


And if you happen to be making your wine bag from a slippery fabric like satin or silk, here are a couple of tips:

When cutting out your slippery fabric, try covering your cutting surface with a cotton muslin or other textured fabric to help keep the fabric from shifting out of place as you cut. And when sewing your slippery fabric, if you find one layer shifting ahead of the other, try hand-basting the two layers together first - one row of stitching on one side of the seam line and another row of stitching on the other side of the seam line, then machine sew in between the rows of basting.

And if you're making your wine bag from a velvet or napped fabric, to keep from crushing the fabric's pile when you press it, try placing a terrycloth towel underneath it (if you don't have a velvet board). Place the velvet fabric face down on the towel and lightly press.


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Free Wine Bag Patterns