Duffle Bag Patterns - 16 designs
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16 of the best free Duffle Bag Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
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Let’s make duffle bags! Here you’ll find over a dozen duffle bag patterns and tutorials collected from all over the web
(which by the way, were quite hard to find – it seems there aren’t too many of them out there!).

Because of its roomy size and zip top closure, a duffle bag would be perfect for hauling items to the beach or to the gym,
and can also make a great overnight bag.

And since duffle bags are meant to be durable, consider making your bag from a thick, heavy fabric like denim or cotton
canvas. And if you do decide to go with a heavy denim, just be sure to use a thicker denim needle in your sewing
machine, which will pierce your heavy fabric more easily and without breaking, which is especially important when sewing
bulky seams that merge. But if you choose to make your duffle bag from a lighter-weight fabric, consider adding a layer
of fusible interfacing to your fabric pieces (before sewing them together, of course) to give your bag extra strength.

And if you plan to make your duffle bag from cotton fabric and want to be able to launder your finished bag, be sure to
preshrink your fabric first. You may even want to preshrink 100% cotton fabric more than once because cotton doesn’t
always shrink its maximum amount with the first washing.

And if you're new to sewing, a duffle bag is probably not an ideal first project simply because it can be quite tricky to fit
and sew the circular ends of the bag to the body without ending up with puckers. A
tote bag would likely make an easier
first project.
Retro Duffel Bag
Saltwater Kids
Nigella Yoga Bag
Amy Butler

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Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: Don’t choose a lining for your fashion fabric based solely on its looks. Actually drape the
lining fabric over your hand, together with your fashion fabric, to make sure you like the look
and feel of the two layers together.

Tip #2: When sewing knit fabrics, Use a ballpoint needle in your machine. The rounded point of
this needle will slide between the fibers of your knit fabric instead of piercing them.
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