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Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: When sewing a garment that needs a zipper, choose a zipper that’s slightly longer than what your pattern calls for
or a zipper that’s slightly longer than the length of your zipper opening. It’s generally easier to shorten a zipper that's too
long than to insert a zipper that’s precisely the right length.

Tip #2: If you need to duplicate a pattern, try using waxed paper to make your templates. It’s lightweight, see-through,
and most of us have it on hand in our cupboard. And if you need larger pieces, simply tape pieces of the paper together.

Tip #3: If you’re making an item from several fabrics of different colors and you plan to launder your finished item, test
each fabric first for colorfastness (and any trims and linings too). You'd hate to work so hard on an project, wash it for
the first time, and find that one fabric has bled all over another. To test fabrics for colorfastness, submerge each fabric
individually in the same water temperature and detergent you plan to wash your finished item in. If the water turns color
or dye comes off when you press the wet fabric between layers of a white towel, your fabric isn’t colorfast. If this is the
case, you can either choose different fabrics, rinse your fabric in diluted vinegar which may set the dye, wash your
finished item in cold water, which may keep your fabric from bleeding, or have your finished item dry cleaned.
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