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30+ Diy Dog Toys to Sew
And one benefit to sewing your own dog toys is the cost savings. Dogs can be
quite hard on toys. And if your doggie tends to destroy toys on a frequent basis, it
can be cheaper to make them yourself than to continually buy ready-made toys to
replace them.

Plus, sewing your own toys can give you the opportunity to repurpose materials
you already have, such as old jeans and sweaters. Plus, you can have fun with the
design of your toys, customizing them with your own fabrics and shapes.

And since dogs tend to be quite hard on toys, choose a sturdy fabric that will stand
up to lots of chewing such as cotton duck, denim, or upholstery fabric. And
reinforce the seams you sew.

And some basic safety advice: Choose a toy that's appropriate for your dog. For
instance, if you know your dog would rather eat a toy than play with it, giving him a
stuffed fabric toy probably isn't a good idea. And consider your dog's size. Toys
that are too small for a dog can pose a choking hazard. So generally speaking,
choose large toys for large dogs and give smaller toys only to smaller dogs.

Don't add embellishment to your dog toys like ribbons, strings, ties, tails, or
buttons that could be chewed off and swallowed. And if you choose to add fabric
appliques to your toys, make sure they're sewn on securely. And repair or replace
any toy that becomes damaged. And supervise your dog during play, especially with
softer toys that can be chewed apart more easily.

For more information about dog toy safety, click
here, here, and here.
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Sew a variety of fabric toys for your favorite doggie with this collection of over thirty
free dog toy sewing patterns gathered from all over the web! Make stuffed toys,
fabric-covered balls, pull toys and more for your dog.
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