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30+ FREE Fabric Basket Patterns

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Make a sturdy fabric storage basket or bucket (many with handles) with this collection of over thirty free fabric basket patterns, tutorials, and diy sewing projects gathered from all over the web.

We can all use more storage and a fabric basket can offer a pretty alternative to a plain box or crate. And you can use fabric baskets to store everything from small toys to sewing supplies, to guest towels to baby diapers - the possibilities are endless. And unlike a cardboard box or plastic crate, most fabric baskets can be folded away flat when they're not being used.

And of course by making your own fabric basket instead of buying one, you can choose fabrics that will compliment your room's decor. Or you can choose a combination of festive fabrics and trims for your basket to liven up a room's decor (or you can have fun just choosing fabrics you like).


And if you're willing to piece together smaller bits of fabric in a patchwork fashion, making a fabric basket can be a great way to use up those smaller pieces of fabric you may have leftover from other projects.

And if you're going to be using your fabric basket to store or carry heavy items like tools or books, make sure to use a sturdy fabric for your basket, perhaps a cotton duck or canvas. Or, you can use a lighter weight fabric and back it with fusible interfacing for added strength. And consider reinforcing the seams of your basket by stitching once, then stitching again over the previous seam. And use a thicker needle in your sewing machine that will be able to handle sewing through all those thick layers of fabric without breaking.


Also, this page may contain affiliate links, which means I may make a commission if you purchase something from one of these websites (but the patterns linked to should be free).


Free Fabric Basket Patterns