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Free Tote Bag Patterns (with Flat Bottoms)
And there are two common ways to sew the corners of your bag to give it that
boxy look. With one method, you sew the corners of your bag first, then cut off
any excess fabric. And with the other method, you cut the corners of your bag
first, then stitch the newly cut corners. Use whichever method works best for you.
And keep in mind that if you plan to re-size any of these bags to make them larger
or smaller, the boxed corners will take away some of the bag's height and to
therefore plan accordingly.

A tote bag can be a great project for a beginner just learning to sew. Just keep in
mind that the extra steps involved in giving the bag a flat bottom will make the
bag's construction a bit more complex than that of a two-dimensional bag. Also,
the beginner may want to choose a tote bag design without a lining and without a
zipper, which will make the construction of the bag even easier.

And if you know you'll be carrying heavy items in your tote bag like books or
groceries, be sure to make your bag from a heavy fabric like cotton canvas or
denim. Or, you can add sturdiness to a lighter weight fashion fabric by adding a
layer of fusible interfacing to it. And if you add a lining to your bag, it will be even
sturdier. Also, remember to reinforce where the handles attach to your bag.
Make a tote bag with a flat bottom with this collection of over thirty free, flat
bottomed, structured tote bag patterns gathered from all over the web!

So, of course, the main benefit of a tote bag with a flat bottom is that it can easily
stand up on its own without tipping over when placed on a counter or tabletop. But
also, a tote bag with a flat bottom can also more easily hold wider items than a
two-dimensional bag can.
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