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30+ Free Kid-Friendly Sewing Projects
Here you find a variety of fun sewing projects like fabric bags, stuffed animals, and
clothing items, that can not only help your child build basic sewing skills, but also
help them fashion a finished item they'll actually end up using and enjoying. And
these projects are also great for any adult who's just learning how to sew or wants
to improve her sewing skills.

And a number of these projects can be sewn from felt, which is a very kid-friendly
fabric because it doesn't fray like woven fabrics do. Which means there will be no
raw seams to finish and the item can be sewn wrong sides together, eliminating the
need to turn the item right side out after sewing.

And your kids can raid your scrap pile (or even repupose old clothing) for their
projects (many of these projects are small enough for scraps), which means your
kids won't have to practice on your “good” fabric if you don't want them to.

And if you are actually teaching your child how to sew, you may find the following
tips helpful: Help your child choose a project appropriate for her skill level so that
she's less likely to get frustrated and can experience the confidence that will come
from successfully completing a project. Also, you may want to start by teaching
your child how to hand-sew before teaching him how to use a sewing machine. This
can be a great way to teach fabric and construction basics and it will be easier to
undo any mistakes she may make. Supervise young children not only at the sewing
machine, but also when hand-sewing because they'll be handling sharp objects like
scissors and needles. And don't pressure or expect perfection from your child.
Tooth Fairy Bag
Purl Soho
Simple Drawstring
Make and Takes
Teach your kids to sew (or help them build on existing skills) with the help of this
collection of over thirty free kid-friendly sewing patterns, tutorials, and diy projects
gathered from all over the web!
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