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30+ Free Christmas Stocking Patterns
A Christmas stocking can make a great first project for someone just learning how
to sew. Since it's a small project, it will likely stitch up fast, quickly giving the new
sewer a sense of accomplishment. Just choose one of the simpler designs that
doesn't have a lining, and sew your stocking from a medium-weight, woven fabric,
which will be easier for a new sewer to handle. And if you choose a print fabric for
your stocking, any imperfections are less likely to show.

And if you want an even easier stocking to make, consider sewing one from felt.
Because felt doesn't fray, you can sew your stocking wrong sides together and no
turning will be required. And you can leave the raw edges as they are or trim them
with pinking shears for a pretty edge. And be sure to use a high quality felt for your
stocking (like a medium-weight wool felt) if you want your stocking to last through
the years.

A Christmas stocking can also be a great way to use up any larger scraps of fabric
you have leftover from other projects. If you have traditional red or green fabric
scraps, great! But of course, you can absolutely sew your stocking from any color
fabric you have on hand. Sew one of the patchwork or pieced stocking designs and
you'll be able to put even smaller scraps to good use.

And if you choose to sew part or all of your stocking from fur, you may find the
following tips helpful: Be aware that some furs have a nap to them, therefore, place
your pattern pieces in the same direction. Cut your fabric pieces one layer at at time
(instead of doubling your fabric), remembering to cut mirror images of each piece.
And turn your fur fabric to the wrong side and cut through the backing only so that
you don't cut the fur itself. And when you pin and sew your fur, tuck the fur strands
inside the layers, away from the raw edge.
Sew a festive stocking for Christmas with the help of this collection of over thirty
free Christmas stocking sewing patterns, tutorials, and diy projects gathered from
all over the web!
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