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50 FREE Teddy Bear Patterns

**Please scroll down the page for the links to the free patterns**

Make Teddy Bears with this collection of fifty free Teddy Bear patterns gathered from all over the web, including many beautiful jointed, heirloom & vintage designs!


**Please scroll down the page for the links to the free patterns**

And if you plan to make your Teddy Bear from faux fur, you may want to follow these tips for a more professional look:

Cut your fur fabric in a single layer (remembering to flip your pattern pieces for "opposites" with the fur side down, and cut through the backing only, not through the fur itself. And remember to lay out your pattern pieces in the direction of the nap (if your fur fabric has a nap).


Teddy Bear construction tip: When sewing around curves (such as the tip of a teddy bear paw, the top of a teddy bear ear, or the circumference of a teddy bear head), try switching to a smaller stitch length, which can help you sew the curved seams more accurately.

And if you're feeling confident and adventuresome, you may want to try customizing your teddy bear by mixing and matching parts and pieces from different teddy bear patterns (a head from one bear, arms and legs from another bear, etc.).

And just remember, if you're making your bear for a toddler or small child, make sure not to embellish your bear with anything (like buttons) that could come off and become a choking hazard.

And if you find yourself in need of help with your teddy bear pattern and sewing project - the best furs and materials to use (and where to find them), the best teddy bear construction techniques, etc., you may want to check out one of several forums and message boards devoted just to the art of making and collecting Teddy Bears. To find one, just type "Teddy Bear Forums" into any search engine.


Also, this page may contain affiliate links, which means I may make a commission if you purchase something from one of these websites (but the patterns linked to should be free).


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Free teddy bear patterns collage

Free Teddy Bear Patterns