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30+ Free T-Shirt Refashion Projects
Refashioning a t-shirt can be a fun, quick sewing project for either an experienced
seamstress or a beginner (since you're not actually sewing a garment from scratch).
And because new t-shirts can often be found quite cheap (and sometimes for free),
it's usually a low-cost project too. And if you decide to refashion a t-shirt you
already have, it may even cost you nothing.

Some of these designs simply add a fun embellishment to an existing t-shirt while
others transform a t-shirt into something very different and totally unrecognizable.
And just be aware that some of these designs require either more than one t-shirt
or complimentary fabric to create. Also, most of these designs are for tops, but
there are also a few dresses you can sew.

And since a t-shirt is of course, made from knit fabric, here are some tips for
working with knits: Use a ballpoint needle in your sewing machine, which has a
rounded point and will therefore slide between the fibers of your knit fabric instead
of slicing through them. And if your t-shirt fabric is particularly stretchy, you may
want to use a walking foot in your machine, which will feed both layers of your fabric
evenly and prevent it from stretching as you sew. And use either a stretch stitch or
a small zigzag stitch when sewing your seams. This will allow your seams to stretch
along with your fabric when your garment is worn, as opposed to a simple straight
stitch, which would likely break. And because knit fabrics don't fray, there's no need
to finish the raw edges of your seam allowances.

And if this is a new t-shirt you're working with, launder it first to pre-shrink it. This
is especially important if you'll be working with more than one t-shirt and they're
made from different knit fabrics.
Transform an ordinary t-shirt into something special with the help of this collection
of over thirty free t-shirt refashion projects and diy sewing tutorials gathered from
all over the web!
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