126 of the best free Baby Quilt Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
Sew sweet and adorable baby quilts with this collection of over one hundred and twenty free baby quilt patterns &
tutorials gathered from all over the web. Here you'll find a variety of baby quilt patterns appropriate for both boys and
girls, plus modern and traditional designs, easy quilts for beginners, more elaborate designs, and more!

And making a quilt can, of course, be an excellent way to use up those smaller pieces of fabric (sewn together in a
patchwork fashion) you may have left over from other projects (if you choose to do this, just try to use fabrics of a
similar weight and fiber content).

And don't feel that you have to stick with traditional pastel colors for your baby quilt. Try bright colors or a neutral
palette or any color combination you prefer.

And how about a sewing baby quilt for your next shower gift? Ask the mother to be about her nursery decor so you can
use coordinating fabrics. Sewing a baby quilt sounds like it would be a time-consuming gift to make, but if you choose a
simple design, you may be able to sew it up in less time than you think.

And one thing that's great about baby quilts is that they're usually smaller than “regular” quilts, so you're likely to finish
your quilt sooner and quickly get the satisfaction that comes from completing a project.
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Martha Stewart
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Moda Bake Shop

Free Baby Quilt Patterns

- Over 120 designs!
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Sunny Sue Baby
Alphabet Soup Baby
Baa Baa Baby