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30+ Free Baby Blanket Sewing Patterns
Because a baby can never have too many blankets, a beautiful handmade blanket
can make the perfect baby shower gift. But as wonderfully soft and cuddly as a
baby blanket can be, some of the fabrics they're made from can be a bit tricky to
work with. So, here are some tips you may find helpful:

For minky fabric: Since minky doesn't shrink, if you're going to be pairing it with a
cotton fabric, make sure to preshrink your cotton fabric first. And minky fabric
tends to produce lots of lint, so be sure to keep a lint roller handy and clean your
sewing machine after finishing your project. Don't iron minky, since ironing can
crush the pile or actually melt the fabric. And since minky has a stretch to it, use
pins generously and use a walking foot in your sewing machine to help feed the
fabric evenly.

For fleece fabric: One advantage of working with fleece is that it doesn't fray. But,
just as with minky, it tends to produce lots of lint. Therefore, keep a lint roller
handy and clean your machine after sewing with it. Use caution when ironing fleece,
using a very low setting and a press cloth between the fabric and your iron. And be
careful when stitching fleece because any mistakes that are made will be difficult to

For flannel fabric: Cotton flannel can shrink a lot. Therefore, it's a good idea to
preshrink flannel fabric, maybe even more than once, before sewing your project.
And since flannel is 100% cotton with just a subtle nap to it, it's okay to iron it. But
you may want to “press” your flannel (moving your iron in an up and down motion),
as opposed to actually “ironing” it (moving your iron in a back and forth motion) in
order to keep your flannel from stretching out of shape.
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Sew an adorable baby blanket with this collection of over thirty free baby blanket
sewing patterns, tutorials, and diy projects gathered from all over the web!
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