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19 Free Halloween Table Runner Patterns
Here you'll find a variety of Halloween table runners from simple and easy designs
that will stitch up quick, to more intricate patchwork quilted designs. You'll also find
a number of adorable pumpkin-themed runners (which can make great table
runners for fall), and more “spooky” table runners with creepy elements like bats
and spiders.

And a table runner not only dresses up a table beautifully for a holiday or any
special occasion, but it also serves the very practical purpose of providing
protection for your table. And a quilted runner, because it's padded, can not only
provide even more protection, it can even serve as one long pad for hot dishes,
thereby simplifying your table setting.

And a quilted table runner can make a great first project for someone just learning
how to quilt. Since a table runner is much smaller than a full-size quilt, it will be
easier for a new quilter to handle and sew. Plus, a table runner will likely stitch up
faster than a full-size quit, quickly giving the new quilter the satisfaction of a
completed project.

And a Halloween table runner can provide a great way to use up any orange or
black fabric scraps you may have leftover from other projects. You can take
inspiration from one of the “strippy” table runners here that use longer scraps of
fabric, or create your own patchwork design with any smaller scraps you have on

And just remember, if you'll be sewing your table runner from several contrasting
fabrics and you want your runner to be washable, consider pre-washing your fabric,
which can help guard against shrinkage and color-bleeding in you finished runner.
Strippy Halloween
Table Runner
Art Gallery Fabrics
Sew a festive table runner for your Halloween table with this collection of over a
dozen free Halloween table runner patterns, tutorials, and diy sewing projects
gathered from all over the web!
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