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Free Charm Pack Quilt Patterns
Note: the number of squares in a pack can vary and may go by a different name
depending on the manufacturer. There are also “mini” charm packs that measure a
much smaller 2.5 by 2.5 inches. However, the patterns on these pages are made
with the traditional larger charm squares.

And the main benefit of using pre-cut fabric to make your quilt, whether it be charm
packs, jelly rolls, fat quarters or other sizes is, of course, that it saves you the time
of having to cut the fabric yourself. But there's also the added benefit of knowing
your fabric pieces have been cut accurately.

Should you wash your pre-cut fabrics pieces? Some say yes, some say it's not
necessary. But if you do choose to pre-wash your pre-cuts, it's a good idea to
place them in a laundry bag to keep them together. And expect some fraying to
occur. And whether you pre-wash your pre-cuts or not, it's recommended that you
press your fabric pieces before using them.

Purchasing a charm pack can be a great way to see a sample of each print from a
fabric collection before committing to buying yardage. And since the fabrics in a
charm pack are usually from the same collection, the fabrics will already be perfectly
coordinated for you.

So, what can you do with charm packs? You can leave them whole and simply stitch
them together for your quilt top, which can be great for a beginner because the
fabric pieces will be relatively large and she'll have only straight seams to deal with.
Or, you can cut your charm pack fabric into strips, smaller squares, or cut them on
the diagonal to make triangles for stars, pinwheels, or other designs.
Make a beautiful quilt using charm packs with this collection of over thirty free charm
pack quilt patterns gathered from all over the web!
So, what is a charm pack?  It's a
bundle of about forty pre-cut fabric squares that measure 5 inches by 5 inches.
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