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11 Free Reversible Hobo Bag Patterns
Because of it's slouchy, unstructured shape and roomy interior, a hobo bag makes
a great, casual everyday bag
. And making it reversible essentially gives you two
bags in one. You'll be able to easily turn it to the other side to match your current
mood or your outfit.

And the great thing about the hobo bags on this page is that they're all pretty easy
to make. With most of the designs, the handle is built into the pattern, eliminating
the need to attach a separate handle. And all of the bags are left open, so there's
no complex top zipper to install (if you want to make your bag more secure, you
can always install a button loop closure to the top of your bag). Therefore, any of
the hobo bags on this page should be easy enough for a beginner to sew.

And because a reversible hobo bag consists of two layers of fabric, it will have a
degree of sturdiness already built into it. But if you want your bag to be even
sturdier, consider adding a layer of interfacing between your two fabric layers. And
to give your bag a more professional, finished look, clip any curved seam allowances
(some sewers do this, others don't think it's necessary) and press your seams
open before turning your bag right side out.

And since you'll probably want your hobo bag to be washable, it's a good idea to
pre-wash your fabrics before constructing your purse to prevent future shrinkage
and to help prevent color bleeding (which is especially important if your fabrics are
of contrasting colors).

And just a note: Because these hobo bags don't have any interior sections, you
may want to use in interior purse organizer with your bag (which can also help
reduce wear on tear on your bag). If you want to make your own purse organizer,
you can find a bunch of free tutorials on
this page.
Make a fun, reversible hobo bag with this collection of eleven free reversible hobo
bag patterns, tutorials, and diy projects gathered from all over the web!
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