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11 Free Purse Organizer Patterns
So, a purse organizer not only saves you the frustration of rummaging around in
your bag looking for items by keeping them organized, but it also makes it easy for
you to transfer all of your stuff from one bag to another when changing purses.
And because each of your items can have its own compartment, it can also help
protect your items from scratches.And by making your own purse organizer instead
of buying one, you'll be able to customize it with as many sections and pockets as
you need. Plus you can make the compartments just the right size and configure
them in a way that allows you easy access to your most used items. And of course,
you'll also be able to size your organizer to fit favorite purse. And by making your
own purse organizer, you'll also get to choose your fabrics.

Plus, if you love sewing fabric purses, this can be great way to give your handmade
purse pockets and compartments without needing to actually sew them into the
purse itself.

Give your purse organizer handles to make moving it from one bag to another quick
and easy. Give your organizer a top zipper for extra security and neatness. And an
organizer with a top zipper can also be great for any purse that doesn't have a
secure closure of its own. And if you make your purse organizer with a flat bottom,
it'll be able to stand up on its own on a counter or tabletop as you're moving it
from one bag to another.

And because of a purse organizer's many pockets and sections and that fact that it
requires you to sew through thick layers of fabric and stabilizers, it may not be the
best project for a beginner who's just learning how to sew.
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Make your own fabric purse organizer with this collection of eleven free purse and
bag organizer patterns gathered from all over the web!
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