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40+ Free Grocery & Shopping Bag Patterns
So whether you're looking for a more structured, flat-bottomed tote that will stand
up nicely on a counter or tabletop, a less structured, slouchy shopping bag, or a
bag that folds away for easy storage, hopefully you'll be able to find just the
project you're looking for on these pages.

So of course, the main benefit of a reusable grocery bag is that it's much better for
the environment than disposable bags. But a fabric bag is also just so much more
stylish than a plastic bag. And by making your own bag, you get to personalize it
by choosing your own fabric.

And one of the simpler bag styles can be a great first project for a beginner who's
just learning how to sew. Especially if she chooses one of the hobo bag styles,
which will likely consist of just a couple of fabric pieces, very few seams, and no
separate handle to attach.

Make your grocery bag from a laminated fabric and it will be water resistant. Add a
layer of insulated batting to your bag and it'll help keep your food chilled until you're
able to get it home.

And since you'll likely be carrying heavy items in your shopping bag, it's important
that your bag be sturdy. Therefore, it's a good idea to either choose a heavy fabric
for your bag like a cotton canvas or to line your bag with a second layer of fabric.
You can also back your fashion fabric with a layer of fusible interfacing to make it
sturdier. Line
and interface your bag and it'll be even stronger.

And because you'll likely want to launder your finished bag, it's a good idea to
pre-wash your fabric to reduce the chance of shrinkage and color bleeding.
Make shopping, grocery, and market bags with the help of this collection of over
forty free shopping & grocery bag patterns, tutorials, and diy sewing projects
gathered from all over the web!
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