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24 Free Toiletry Bag Patterns
And what differentiates a toiletry bag from a simple zippered pouch is that it's
usually designed with a wide opening that allows you to easily see and access the
bag's contents. Plus, there's also that familiar boxy shape that allows the bag to
easily sit upright on a counter or tabletop.

However, that three-dimensional boxy shape is what can also make a toiletry bag a
bit tricky to sew. Therefore, some of these projects aren't for the faint of heart and
may involve some complex fabric turning, sewing through thick layers, and of
course, the insertion of a zipper. Therefore, a boxy toiletry bag may not be a good
first project for a beginner. She may instead want to choose one of the toiletry
roll-up projects which are much simpler and require only a few seams to sew.

Add a layer of thin batting between your bag's lining and outer fabric (as some of
these tutorials instruct you to do) to give your bag extra sturdiness, structure, and
a more professional look.

And a lining of vinyl or laminated fabric to your toiletry bag to make it water
resistant. Just remember that when sewing vinyl, use a leather needle in your
sewing machine and pin only within the seam allowances or use binder clips to hold
the material together. You may also want to use a walking foot in your machine to
help feed the material better.

And consider adding a tab or small handle to the side of your toiletry bag so that it
can be hung or easily carried.
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Enjoy a more stylish way to transport your cosmetic and toiletry items by making
your own fabric toiletry bag! And here on these pages, you'll find collection of
twenty-four free toiletry bag, case, and roll-up patterns to help you do just that!

And of course, by making your own toiletry bag, you can customize it as you like by
choosing your own fabric and trimmings and adjusting the bag's size to suit your
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