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20+ Free Hexagon Quilt Patterns
To cut your hexagon shapes, you can use a purchased hexagon ruler as your guide,
which can also aid you in marking your seam lines for stitching your hexagon shapes
together. However, this will require you to cut your hexagon shapes to a specific
size. If you want to create custom hexagon shapes, you can either make your own
cardboard template or you can use a regular quilt ruler to cut the required angles for
your hexagons.

Because of their more complex shape, hexagons can be a bit tricky to sew.
Therefore, a hexagon quilt probably wouldn't be a good first quilt project for a
beginner. However, there's an easier version of a hexagon quilt that can be made
with “half” hexagons, which will eliminate the need to sew a tricky “Y” seam (the
angle where the hexagon shapes meet). Just cut half hexagon shapes, sew the
shapes together at the sides, then sew these long strips together to create full
hexagons (each side of the hexagon must be of the same fabric). Each hexagon in
your finished quilt will have a center seam, but this should be barely noticeable if you
use small print fabrics. And if you want more visual interest in your finished quilt,
you can make your half hexagons obvious by using contrasting fabric for each half.

You can place your hexagons side by side for a quilt that consists of just hexagon
shapes, or you can arrange them with triangles in between, which is a popular
design. You can create your hexagons from single pieces of fabric or you can
combine your hexagons with other shapes such as rectangles, circles, or stars. You
can arrange your hexagons in an orderly, geometric pattern or you can arrange
them randomly using an applique technique. And a hexagon quilt can be a great way
to use pre-cut quilting fabrics like charm squares, fat quarters, and layer cakes.
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Sew a hexagon quilt with this collection of over twenty free hexagon quilt patterns,
tutorials, and diy sewing projects gathered from all over the web! Here you'll find a
variety of tutorials for full hexagon quilts, plus hexagon quilt blocks you can make,
then arrange in finished a quilt as you wish.
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