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16 FREE Linen Dress Patterns

**Please scroll down the page for the links to the free patterns**

Sew a beautiful dress from linen fabric with this collection of sixteen free linen dress patterns, tutorials, and diy sewing projects, all with printable pdf templates.


**Please scroll down the page for the links to the free patterns**

The patterns on this page are available for free courtesy of They do require you register on their site to access their free patterns (but it's as simple as giving a name and an email address).

Here you'll find a variety of dress styles from simple shift and sheath dresses to button down shirt dresses to sundresses, a maxi dress style, and more. All specifically designed to stitch up beautifully in linen.

So what is linen? Linen is a natural fiber that comes from the flax plant. And linen is known for being a very "breathable" fabric. Which makes it a great fabric choice for summer garments. Plus, linen is an especially strong fiber. Expect any item of clothing you sew from linen to last a long time (with care).


Linen is an elegant fabric, considered to be a bit dressier than cotton. And linen can be dressed up or down. Combine linen with a loose-fitting dress style and you'll have a wonderfully comfortable dress for warmer weather. But linen doesn't have to be a fabric you save just for warmer weather. When the weather turns cooler, you can switch to a heavier weight linen.

Linen is prone to shrinkage. Therefore, be sure to pre-wash your linen fabric before sewing your dress (unless you plan to have your finished dress dry-cleaned). Linen can be machine washed in cool or warm water on the gentle cycle and either hung to dry or machine dried on low. And just be aware that your linen will likely soften with washing.

Linen is also prone to wrinkling. Some people love the look of wrinkled linen and prefer to leave the it that way. But linen also irons beautifully. But be sure to use a pressing cloth between your iron and your linen fabric or you may get an undesirable shine to your fabric that could be permanent.

Also, linen has a tendency to ravel. Therefore, it's a good idea to finish the raw edges of the seams of your dress.


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Free Linen Dress Patterns