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20+ Free Shift Dress Patterns

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Make a simple shift dress with this collection of over twenty free shift dress patterns, tutorials, and diy sewing projects gathered from all over the web!


So, what exactly is a "shift dress?" Well, it's basically a short, loose-fitting dress with a simple construction and few or no fashion details. It usually has a high neckline and is sleeveless (or has short sleeves). There is no waist definition and its only shaping seams are bust darts.

The way in which a shift dress differs from a sheath dress (the two are often confused) is that a sheath dress is meant to hang straight on the body and to be more form fitting, whereas a shift dress is meant to fit more loosely over the body and often has a slight a-line shape to it.


A shift dress can be worn casually or dressed up, depending on the fabric it's made from and the accessories you choose. And because of its loose-fitting shape, a shift dress is flattering to most body types. And also because of its loose fit and usually short-sleeved or sleeveless style, it can make an excellent, carefree dress for spring and summer.

And because a shift dress is so simply designed, you may be able to make your own pattern, which some of these tutorials instruct you to do. However, quite a few other designs do provide you with printable pattern templates if you want more precision and don't want to take on the task of making your own pattern.

And because a shift dress is so simple, with few seams overall and few shaping seams, and can be made from a medium weight, woven fabric (such as linen), it can be a great first project for a beginner. And, of course, a shift dress can also be a great project for an experienced seamstress who simply wants something quick-to-make.


Also, this page may contain affiliate links, which means I may make a commission if you purchase something from one of these websites (but the patterns linked to should be free).


Free Shift Dress Patterns