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19 Free Picnic Blanket Patterns
Because a picnic blanket is a very simple project, consisting of just a square or
rectangular shape and a few straight seams, it can make a good project for a
beginner who's just learning to sew. And one of the patchwork designs can provide
an opportunity to use up any larger scraps of fabric you may have leftover from
other projects - you can even try recycling old pairs of jeans into a patchwork picnic
blanket. And as a new sewer, even if you choose one of the more involved
patchwork designs, it'll still be a simple project requiring only a series of straight

Make your picnic blanket waterproof or water resistant by using vinyl or laminated
cotton for the underside of the blanket. And you can even give your picnic blanket
it's own handle so that it can be conveniently rolled or folded up neatly for travel.

And if you do plan to make your picnic blanket with a vinyl backing, you may want to
keep these tips in mind: Don't use pins to hold your fabric and vinyl layers together,
because of course, pins will leave permanent holes in your vinyl (as an alternative,
you can pin within the seam allowances only), use binder clips instead. Use a sewing
needle designed for vinyl or leather in your machine, and either sew on the fabric
side of your blanket, or use a teflon coated roller foot so that your presser foot will
glide smoothly over the vinyl without sticking.

And you should still be able to machine wash your finished blanket, even with a vinyl
or laminated cotton backing. Just don't dry it in a heated dryer, air dry it instead.
Bandana Quilt
One Good Thing
Waterproof Picnic
Mary Martha Mama
Patchwork Picnic
Polkadot Chair
Make a fun picnic blanket with this collection of over a dozen free picnic blanket
patterns, tutorials, and diy projects, gathered from all over the web!
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