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600+ Free Home Decor Patterns
And many of these projects would make a great first project for a beginner who's
just learning how to sew. A pillow or one of the simpler placemat or table runner
patterns will likely consist of simple shapes, just a few fabric pieces, and very few
seams. Plus these items won't need fitting the way a garment would.

And if you're an experienced seamstress looking for a quick-to-make project, you
may find just the inspiration you're looking for (and perhaps an opportunity to use
up your fabric stash!).

And one of the smaller quilting projects, such as a quilted table runner or placemat
would make a great first project for someone new to quilting. Because of their
smaller size, a placemat or table runner will be easier to handle than a full size quilt
and will stitch up quick, giving the beginner quilter the satisfaction of a completed

And, of course, one of the main benefits of sewing your own home accessories is
that you get to choose your own fabrics and combine them as you like. And it can
be fun to exercise your creativity in making something new. Plus, because sewing
your own home décor items is often cheaper than purchasing them ready made,
you'll probably end up saving lots of money too.
Sew for your home with the help of this collection of over five hundred free home
décor sewing patterns gathered from all over the web! Sew decorative pillows,
festive table runners, fabric placemats, patchwork quilts, and more!
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