Free Underwear & Lingerie Patterns - 26 designs!
A collection of the best free Underwear & Lingerie Patterns on the web
Sew underwear and lingerie with this collection of over two dozen free lingerie and underwear patterns gathered
from all over the web.

And since sewing underwear often requires working with knit fabrics, here are some tips for working with knits:

Use a
ballpoint needle (instead of a standard needle) in your sewing machine which will slide between the fibers
of your knit fabric instead of piercing them. And use a
stretch stitch when sewing knit fabrics so that your seams
will stretch with your knit fabric instead of breaking. If your sewing machine does not have a
stretch stitch
option, you can use a tiny zigzag stitch instead. And if you'll be stitching through elastic, make sure the elastic is
meant to be sewn through. Sewing through elastic that's not meant to be stitched may weaken it.

And here are a couple of tips for working with satiny-type fabrics (which can be rather slippery):

When laying out your fabric for cutting, consider lining your cutting board with a layer of muslin to prevent the
fabric from slipping and sliding around. And if you find the layers of your fabric shifting out of place as you sew
(even if you've pinned the layers securely), you may want to try basting the layers of your fabric pieces
together first.
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Sewing Quick Tip:

It's a good idea to preshrink some dry-clean-only fabrics too, even though you won't be
laundering them. Some fabrics, particularly natural-fiber fabrics, can shrink just from the heat
and moisture of an iron.

For instructions on testing your fabric to see whether or not it needs to be preshrunk, see this
How to Preshrink Fabric.
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